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Questions We Get Asked a Lot....

  • What will Wellspring actually do?

    • Wellspring plans to use the building as a space to facilitate

      • venue space for community activities such as weddings and other family celebrations, banquets, fundraisers, small conferences, art exhibits, recitals, dance performances, concerts, etc.

      • community conversations that will bring different peoples together who don’t normally cross paths to learn from each other

      • community projects that address the seven factors of wellness: mental, physical, social, financial, spiritual, environmental, and vocational

      • the work of similar nonprofit organizations by providing affordable office and gathering spaces

  • Who do I talk to about renting space?

  • What’s happening to the Art Museum?

    • The AMA is moving to a new facility in the Entertainment District.

  • When is Wellspring going to be open?

    • The target date to occupy the building is 2025. However, Wellspring already is providing programming for the community such as the very successful joint activity last fall with UTA, AISD, AMA, Create Arlington, and Theatre Arlington. We are actively planning the next event for this summer.

  • Who will be there?  

    • Wellspring on Main is a community center with multiple tenants.

  • Is this building not going to be on the tax roles?

    • Non-profit buildings are not on the tax rolls. However, because we want to be good community partners Wellspring will voluntarily pay a fee for city services in lieu of taxes.

  • How is Wellspring getting paid for?

    • It’s a complex financial stack involving foundations, a capital campaign, generous benefactors, and innovative lending partners. To find out how to financially support please contact

  • Who is organizing Wellspring?

    • The Arlington Center for Community Engagement is a non-profit corporation comprised of a group of Arlington citizens who want to facilitate health in our diverse city. Contact for questions.

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